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Pagolle is a pastoral village of 260 inhabitants, with 90% of farmers.

Their production is mainly focused on the ewes for the local cheese, sometimes with further production of beef cow (the blonde d'Aquitaine).
These farms are small (25 hectares), which allows the village to keep its authenticity.

The Basque people are very attached to their land and its traditions:
very few farms are abandoned, often times by a family member.
The village has a basque pelota fronton, often with inter-village tournaments.
The nearby village has a trinquet recent available for all to introduce you to the ball.
Pagolle is an hour of the Basque Coast,
and beaches Landes (Hossegor)
and is one hour from the mountain
(Station of St. Peter Martin, Valle d 'Aspe ...),
and 25 minutes from St Jean Pied de Port.
Its central location allows
diversification of visits and activities
while being in a unique natural environment,
out nuisance of mass tourism.


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